Property Management Realty will:

Advertise for a qualified tenant in the Conejo Valley Multiple Listing Service, the local newspaper, and on the Internet.

Interview and qualify prospective tenants.

Collect and deposit funds into a Trust Account.

Draft updated leases and other the required forms.

Pay bills pertaining to the property (mortgages, homeowner associations, taxes, insurance, gardeners and pool people) as needed.

Provide on site inspections for move in, move out and any maintenance work needed before move in and during occupancy.

Provide a year end statement, for tax purposes, showing a breakdown of revenue and expenses pertaining to your property.

Return deposits to tenant at the time of vacancy.

Deposit any overage of monies to the bank or property owner.

Provide a line of communication for the tenant to address questions or problems that may occur.

Provide a letter to any current tenants advising them of the change in management and providing them with an address/phone number to call for questions or emergencies.

Conduct scheduled and random on-site property inspections.

Working out Bad Tenants: If a problem exists with a current tenant, Property Management Realty will identify the problem and recommend an appropriate solution strategy that works for all parties. If an eviction is the end result, PMR will recommend, to the owner, an attorney that specializes in evictions in the county the property is located. IN SHORT, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REALTY WILL DO EVERYTHING THE OWNER WOULD HAVE TO DO TO MAINTAIN THE PROPERTY.